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Clients the world over are benefiting from the virtual gastric band treatment!

Sheila Granger - Hull, U.K.

Sheila Granger: - Innovator and Author. 'Virtual Gastric Band' Hypnosis

The Virtual Gastric Band is proving to be a successful weight loss programme pioneered and developed in the UK by Sheila Granger as part of her hypnotherapy practice.

The ‘Virtual Gastric Band’ works by using the power of hypnosis to train your mind and body to accept less food. The clinical hypnotherapy works by the brain telling your stomach that it is full and there is no need for any more food.

This is of course the principle behind the actual surgical procedure but the virtual gastric band carries with it no risk, no on-going medical treatment and the hypnotherapy can be done quickly and privately and without the need to wait on hospital waiting lists.

Better than a diet, or gastric surgery, the virtual gastric band is a safe and non-invasive technique.

Virtual Gastric Band Simulation

For those who relate to any or all of the following: being Diabetic Type II, Hypertensive, obese and may not qualify for Gastric Band surgery due to prior medical ailments/illness, perhaps your BMI is not in the ‘correct range’, or you may fear surgery, etc., well the virtual gastric band method is working for many with similar health concerns and is safe without the worry of complications or side effects. Today the clients who have undergone the virtual gastric band with hypnotherapists certified by Sheila Granger are living healthier lifestyles and enjoying the fact they have found a program that works.

Today a gastric band operation can cost over $16,000.00 (and is not a guarantee to lose weight, OUCH!), yet the virtual gastric band is with no stretch of the imagination extremely affordable.

A Win/Win for anyone deciding on the Virtual Gastric Band!

Posted by a friend on Facebook June 22, 2011: ;-)

Move over Weight Watchers, there is a new way to lose weight…It’s the “I can’t afford to buy groceries to feed myself because I just filled my gas tank” diet.

Finding a certified virtual gastric band provider:

As word of this wonderful therapy spreads, Sheila is travelling around the globe training and certifying professionals in order to assist clients in overcoming their weight related issues and to help end the obesity epidemic world wide.

Please use our Contact Form for information on certified professionals in your area. Thus far there are providers in Australia, Britain, Canada, and the U.S.A., with more coming on board every month.

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